APOCRIF 120 motor yacht (2014)
Apocrif 120 is a motor yacht stylistically derived from the line of previously designed Manuscript yachts. The similar characteristics of the hull and the type of superstructure create the sporty image of both yachts.

Apocrif 120 is softer in its style and adapted to the client's requirements. Particular attention was paid to the design of relaxation zones and a VIP cabin for guests. Deck plans and preliminary interior fittings were designed. The flybridge can be covered with a specially designed cover. 

For the investor, sketches of the interior arrangement of key rooms were made in various color ranges and various furnishings. These were: weight and VIP cabins - the most important rooms for the shipowner's family. Above, a fragment of these works is presented.
During the consultations, the layout of the rooms in the yacht was carefully planned. All rooms fulfill the utility plan of the future investor. From work, play, rest on the water, to a place for my wife's jewelry, a stand for a bartender and a favorite bodyguard.