CX-12T power catamaran (2019)
Small motor catamaran with outboard motors. Originally designed as a charter version, but due to the low draft, suitable for transporting ATVs, goods or a cruise version. Development works on this concept are ongoing, but due to the wide range of applications, it is even possible to adapt it to inland navigation. Inside the hulls there are two separate double cabins with bathrooms and toilets. At the top, a kitchenette and two seats that can be transformed into another two large sleeping places. The transport versions have additional protective elements of the hull and provided spaces for introducing colors to distinguish the units of different shipowners from each other.

R&D work on the CX-12 T motor catamaran was carried out as a continuation of earlier work at Corthinx. Parallel to the larger 55-foot vessel (which in its design is based on flat shapes and sharp cuts), a sportier, gentler concept was developed in the form of a small catamaran with a length of about 12-13 meters. The use of outboard motors in this catamaran, which is by far the most economical solution. The most important functional aspect was to plan one, two-person cabin for two people with bathrooms in each hull. The space between the hulls was to provide the crew with the greatest possible comfort during the day (preparation of meals, seating areas transformed to the dimensions of comfortable beds at night). The control place is on the sun deck. The stern, in turn, should be able to be closed with a textile material. There is a sunbathing mattress on the bow.
In the T version, the boarding gate is located in the front and there is space for the two largest ATVs on the market. This forced a series of corrections in the form of hulls and their covers, superstructure and room details. Ultimately, the concept of a small exploration yacht was adapted to the needs of tourism with the use of a large amount of equipment, the supply of goods, passenger transport and inland navigation. All these functions provided for the use of the same superstructure, which would minimize costs in the future. The hull form could be made of aluminum, the superstructure of laminate. The superstructure shafts are flat which also reduces costs. All shapes are modeled in the laminate. To add a visual effect, part of the roof is painted a dark color, which imitates a modern roof glass. In this part, it is also possible to install photovoltaic panels, which will not be clearly visible on a darker sheet.