CX-450 (LUNA 49)
CX-450 (LUNA 49) catamaran (2015)
Charter sailing catamaran for Corthinx, designed in the spirit of Tendera 12m. Comfortable vessel. Stable, relatively glass and safe. Perfect for inexperienced sailors and rest for the whole family. Due to the large living space, the CX-450 is the equivalent of apartment on water. The noble line of the yacht was to emphasize the quality of the product and a different vision of modern floating objects from the competition.

During the 3D design, all operational aspects of the new catamaran were carefully worked out. All key stylistic procedures have been refined in scale and adapted to ergonomic contact with a human. Control is carried out at the level above the entrance to the main deck inside the catamaran. As in larger vessels of this type, the rest sections are located at the wheelhouse, in the bow and, of course, on the open stern, shaded from the sun.
The total length of the catamaran is 14,90 m (48,88 ft). The yacht was built and launched under the brand LUNA 49; (LUNA CATAMARSNS) in sail and motor versions.