HUZAR 28 sailing yacht (2009)
Huzar 28 is a high-performance sailing yacht intended for weekend sailing, club regattas, and one-man operation. It is a "Gentelman Boat", a yacht that combines nautical functions with aesthetics. The concept of Huzar 28 is a yacht that does not require regatta qualifications from the crew and is designed for easy operation. A standard yacht implementing this concept is equipped with a mainsail shaped similar to America's yachts Cup and, at the same time, rigging without backstay and sails, and self-tacking jib in Hoyt's boom. The cockpit is characterized by a dynamic line and an innovative approach to yacht handling.

A high ratio of ballast to sail area was ensured. At the same time, the yacht has a very aesthetic and comfortable interior with a place to sleep for four people and a number of comfort devices such as a pull-out galley module, a compressor refrigerator drawer for cool drinks and a full-size room with an electric sea toilet. The use of broken doors eliminates the burdensome use of the clipboard. After breaking, the door is placed on the stairs, allowing you to comfortably enter the yacht's interior.
Standard 14HP inboard engine with sail drive provides very good performance in the event of wind stoppage. As one of only two Polish shipyards, EM Yachts produces Huzar 28 in the technology of infusion with an epoxy hull. This ensures high strength of the hull with low weight. The yacht is equipped with a fixed rigging by the Swedish company Selden and on-board equipment by Harken. In order to increase the performance, the yacht can be made with a coal rigging.