LEGION yachts (2021)
A design project of a new yacht line co-financed from EU funds, carried out in a scientific unit - Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. Two charter vessels with a hull length of 10.5 m and 12.45 m have been developed. The smaller yacht is adapted to inland navigation (sword version). The larger unit is a seagoing yacht. 
Research work carried out thanks to PARP's support from the program dedicated to enhanced accessibility. Nautics and engineering developed with the support of Tymon Butkiewicz.

The interior is adapted to the charter needs. A characteristic element of the wardroom is a sword chest with a raised part of the table. The galley is adapted to the needs of the investor (fridge, gas cooker with 3 burners, ice cube maker, toaster, coffee maker). 
The bathroom with toilet in the smaller yacht has a separate shower. The width of the seats in the wardroom is 2.2 m. Possibility to sleep in the wardroom for up to 4 people. At the stern, there are two cabins for 2 people each. At the bow there is a cabin for 2 people. 
A larger yacht with an additional bathroom in the bow. It is also possible to separate two bow cabins as an option.

Total length [m] 10.9 m / Hull length [m] 10.5 m 
Waterline length [m] 10.0 m / Width [m] 3.7 m 
Draft [m] 1.90 / 0.83 m 
Empty weight of the yacht [t] 6.2 t 
Ballast [t] 1.9 t 
Engine power (max) [hp] 38 hp 
Fuel tank [l] 80 L 
Water tank [l] 250 L 
Mast length [m] 13.5 m 
Max height from WL 15.6 m 
SA [m2] 61.0 m2 / Main [m2] 37.0 m2 / Seal [m2] 24.0 m2 
Crew 10 people / CE category B