MANUSCRIPT 86-118 motor yachts (2011)
The Manuscript series yachts are 3 yachts in sizes 86, 118 and 148 feet. A characteristic feature of the models is their aggressive appearance, sharp cuts and penetration of the hull forms. The project is presented in many publications around the world, incl. in the Italian magazine YD Yacht Design (1/2012).

The main entrance to the yacht is through the rear door to the air-conditioned upper lounge. Sliding doors create an open, loft-like space that continues to the dining room and the helmsman's seat, where it dissolves into a large LCD screen. The windshield that transforms into the flybridge allows a large amount of natural light into the living room, and a roller shutter over the ceiling blocks any excess sun rays if necessary. Large side windows and the windshield bring natural light into the interior, creating a clean and fresh feeling of space. There is a perfect view around on the steersman's platform. The fully equipped kitchen is below the wheelhouse on the right. There are no cabins for four crew members here. The entrance for them is at the stern of the yacht. This guarantees the owner complete privacy. The stairs to the left of the wheelhouse lead to the guest quarters.
The basic two sizes of the yacht are: 105 feet (32 meters long and 7.25 meters wide) and 86 feet (26.5 meters long and 6.7 meters wide). The styling was developed for both yachts presented above. The 148 length yacht was developed as a preliminary design.