ODRA 1 passenger ship (2017)
30 meters passenger catamaran for inland waters. Low structure designed to flow under city bridges. Hybrid, diesel-electric unit. Solar panels on the roof. Chimney to discharge exhaust fumes in the rear part of the roof. It has 91 seats (147 in total), toilets, a bar. Thanks to the elevated wheelhouse, the crew has a good view around the vessel. In the rear part, there is a separate area for lifeboats. The ship was designed under the "Mozart" program, edition 20016/2017 in cooperation with the Navicentrum company. 
"The publication is the result of the implementation of a scientific project under the Municipal Support Program for Partnership in Higher Education and Science and the Sector of Economic Activity financed by the Municipality of Wrocław."

The tables in the interior and the seats are designed to be movable in order to obtain space for individual needs (e.g. group trips or special events).
MOZART 2016/2017
During the one-year cooperation with Navicentrum, other projects were also made in 3D software. They were: the ORION 210 motor yacht and a small sea camper. The ORION 210 project is presented in the portfolio in a separate tab.