RAT 120
RAT 120 motor yacht (2018)
Rat 120 is a unique motor yacht with a length of nearly 37 meters. Its original character results from a change in the way of thinking about a luxury yacht. Made largely of recycled materials properly prepared and protected against sea conditions, it becomes not only a unique visual object, but also an idea defining the future of yachting. The outer sheathing is made of sheets from recycled ships and cutters, teak floors are obtained from decommissioned yachts. The elements of graffiti that add color are used transport containers. The interiors are made of elements of beams obtained from the demolition of houses, and the old furniture - found here and there - brings a bit of its own history on board and adds warmth to the rooms. 
Winner of the Millenium Yacht Design Award 2018 in the professional category.

The shape of the yacht is minimalist. Ginger, rusty hull, glass body of the superstructure and the chimney boldly sticking upwards. The originally exposed old anchor can tell a lot about the temperament of the yacht owner. He is an extraordinary, real man, without bloat. The future owner of the yacht has at his disposal an open space of the main deck connected to the wheelhouse. The VIP cabin with private bathroom is located on the bow of the lower deck. In front of the VIP cabin there are 2 guest cabins, crew cabins (6 people) and a kitchen with an entrance to the engine room. Most of the interior rooms are painted in a uniform color (e.g. white). This allows you to rationalize costs and introduce an element of visual cleanliness. Single colored interior walls are decorated with old graffiti and recycled tiles.
In the Rat 120 project, the optimal dimensions of the yacht are: 36.75 meters in length, 8.7 meters in width and 1.2 meters in draft. The shape of the hull at the stern was developed for the use of MTU combustion engines. The front proposes use of thruster.  Standard drive: 2 / 3,700-hp MTU 16V 4000 diesel inboards w / KaMeWa 71 SII waterjets.
Optional drive: 1 / 5,600-hp DDC-MTU TF50 gas turbine w / KaMeWa waterjet &  (paired with standard engines) or 2 / 3,700-hp MTU 16V 4000 diesel inboards plus 1 / TF50 gas turbine w / KaMeWa waterjet. The construction of the new yacht should be carried out close to the demolition sites of old ships in order to optimize the production as much as possible. The construction of Rat 120 is also an opportunity for the scrapping community. It gives opportunities for better working conditions and much higher income in an industry commonly regarded as luxury.