SYMBIOS three-wheeled scooter (2013)
The doctoral thesis concerns the design of an electric vehicle using the energy of sunlight. It is a vehicle supporting and complementing the existing system of electricity production. Original in its form - a 3-wheel scooter - is a vehicle with great visual potential.

The project combines the appearance of today's combustion scooters with the design of vehicles that use the energy of sunlight to move. This is an evolutionary step, introducing a product to the market that will not shock customers with its appearance, but could naturally replace today's production technology for today's maxi scooters.
For utility reasons and market demand, two basic versions of the scooter were designed. The first version is a two-person vehicle with a folding roof. The second version is the so-called T version. It is a one-person goods version with a permanently fixed roof and enlarged loading space. Both versions are 1,750 mm high and 2,300 mm long. The width of the vehicles is 900 mm. The third version can be considered a two-person scooter without an added roof. The body of the vehicle looks a bit different, but proposing such an option makes economic and utility sense. The vehicle will be cheaper to produce.