TENDER motor yacht (2014)
Polish investors initiated the creation of a modern tender line for customers who like modern lines and bold style. The 12m Tender is a motor unit, obligatory in a mega-yacht.

The necessary documentation for the mold production was prepared for the production of the 12m tender model. A team of specialists has worked out many functional and technical details. One of the interesting solutions is the raised roof. Due to the small dimensions, imposed by the height of the mega-yacht decks and the cranes installed in it, the unit has a limited height. This makes it difficult to navigate the tender. The high roof helps to solve communication problems on the boat.

The interior of the boat is only an air-conditioned space with seating, small storage drawers and a fridge for cool drinks. The tender control is planned in the bow of the vessel. The place is not covered.
A specific hull and a number of non-standard technical solutions were designed for the project. The whole is combined with an equally unusual for Tenders style.