VECTOR 10 sailing yacht (2011)
Vector 10 is a brand of the Yacht Service shipyard. The unit is distinguished by a futuristic line, an eye-catching designer and a unique style. The attention to detail and emphasis on the practicality of sailing solutions are the main features of the yacht. Vector is both a comfortable tourist yacht and a small regatta competitor. 
The yacht is steered with a certain lightness. The stylish cockpit and deck layout is clean and tidy. The modern design of the cabin gives it an elegant look. The high stability makes Vector easy to use for families and small racing crews. The yacht is made in sandwich technology based on polyester and / or epoxy resins.

The interior of the yacht consists of two separate cabins and two bathrooms with a toilet (at the bow and stern). There is a navigation table and galley in the wardroom. The sofas in the wardroom allow for comfortable sleeping for 2-4 people. 
Years after its implementation, Vector has had numerous interior modifications. Today, it is most often a charter yacht in Masuria. Designed as a sea-going yacht, it also works well as a unit for inland waters.

The dynamic external form is best emphasized by the superstructure made in two colors. Side windows that extend over almost the entire superstructure allow plenty of light into the interior. Four small gaps in the forward part of the superstructure allow for more free development of the interior (larger cabin without a bathroom or development with a small bow bathroom).