WW 60 NET sailing yacht (2009)
The WW 60 hull is a combination of traditional sailing thought with modern style of motor yachts. Bright, transparent glazing elements contrast with the dark structure entwining the outer sheathing of the ship, creating a kind of net. Hence the name of the ship. 
The project has been published many times on websites and in the trade press. Grand prix winner of the Machina Design Awards 2009. 
Special distinction in the Millenium Yacht Design Award 2010 competition in the special category

The interior of the yacht follows a program typical for this size of a sailing yacht. Two aft cabin with separate bathrooms and toilet, a mess room with a galley and a navigation table, and a bow cabin with a separate bathroom and toilet. The structure of the yacht woven into the original, organic form becomes a visible decoration of the yacht. The slots in the walls act as handles and are a place for LED lighting.
The yacht's cockpit is closed. Two steering wheels with seats are located on the platform next to the companionway. The black elements of the hull are combined with the internal structure and have their continuation in the sail graphics. The boom mounted to the spoiler allows you to shape the seats in the cockpit on a hexagon plan.