CX-550 catamaran (2019)
Charter sailing catamaran with the possibility of adapting to the motorized version with six cabins for the company Corthinx. Each cabin has a place to sleep for two people. An ideal, stable unit for inexperienced sailors and a holiday for the whole family. Due to the large living space, the CX-550 is the equivalent of apartment on water. Two cabins in the superstructure, designed to be combined into one, spacious VIP cabin or to be placed in the front part of the wheelhouse (motorized version).


Control is carried out at the level above the entrance to the main deck inside the catamaran. As in larger vessels of this type, the rest sections are located at the wheelhouse, in the bow and, of course, on the open stern, shaded from the sun. The main room of the yacht is the mess. The kitchenette is connected to the open space of the living room. From the wardroom you can get to the cabins in the hull and to the rooms in the front of the superstructure.
The total length of the catamaran is 16.75 m (55 ft). The shape of the hull makes it possible to change its shape when underwater. This allows the manufacturer to build the catamaran in both motor and sail versions. The design of the unit has been developed for the best visual effect in both versions.