DELTA 31 vehicles of the video game world (2008)
Master's thesis realized as a concept of video game vehicles. The essence of design in the entertainment industry. Design of conflict sides, type of gameplay, 3D graphics objects with color maps. The gameplay scenario defined all the most important features of the designed objects and scenes. The stylistic differentiation of vehicles helps the player identify with the team to which he is assigned. The designed vehicles were made in the Highpoly technology - models with a complex mesh, ideal for further works. Implementation of the so-called Color maps help to precisely and fully present the designer's vision and present 3D objects in an effective way. In order to present the technological process in modern 3D games, one model was made in the low poly technology with bump and color maps.

Concepts made using traditional and digital drawing techniques were the basis for the creation of the sides of the conflict, various types of weapons and vehicles.
For the best visual effect, color and bump maps have been applied to the 3D models. Part of the work was prepared in the process of producing models for graphics engines used in video games as a demonstrator.