Water homes NAVISHIPPROJECT (2022)
The project is implemented thanks to the support of the Wrocław Academic Center, together with Navishipproject. As part of the Mozart X program (edition 2021/2022), 2 completely new concepts of houses on water with areas of 20 m2 and 80 m2 were developed. From outlining ideas to detailed research and visualization from outside and inside.

The houses are designed for two uses. The smaller house is a holiday mini floating house with an area of ​​20m2. Two rooms connected with a kitchenette and a bathroom have been designed. The sofas in the rooms can be converted into two comfortable beds measuring 140 x 200 cm. Both rooms with access to tv. Larger room equipped with a table / desk. The house can be connected to two separate floating terraces. 
The larger house with an area of ​​80 m2 is a practical all-year-round house on the water. On both sides, the house has exits to two separate floating terraces with a usable area of ​​2x 20m2. The bathroom, separate toilet and kitchenette are connected by gray water drains to a single float module. This simplifies the construction. There are planned two rooms for children, parents' bedroom and a place for a home office (behind the sofa in the living room). At the entrance it is possible to introduce a vestibule. In the premium option, a skylight above the kitchen table can be an interesting solution.

The interior of both houses is made in a modular building. This allows you to deliver almost ready-made elements of the house structure to the mooring place by land roads. Transport of smaller dimensions extends the possibilities of delivering houses to logistically difficult locations by lakes and without the need to pass through river locks. 
Additional insulation of the outer walls of a larger house allows you to maintain thermal comfort during all-year-round use.