Water homes
Mozart (edition 2021/2022) at Navishipproject has already been completed. Two concepts of floating houses, supporting and promotional materials were developed. The functionalities of the rooms and the utility plan were developed in virtual 3D software. 
In addition to the visualization and projections of the rooms, 360 degree spherical panoramas were also created. The resulting material is also in the portfolio. We encourage you to read the results of the project.
New sailing yacht
Soon! We are already in the final stage of designing a yacht with racing characteristics and extended availability. This intriguing yacht is 12.90 m long and 3.7 m wide. Inside and outside, interesting design solutions will allow the replacement of the superstructure and cockpit elements. One of the tasks is to adapt the interior and cockpit to the needs of the visually impaired. 
In the last stage, we focus on nautical qualities, sails and railings. There will also be documentation for the hull molds intended for CNC production. The effects of these works will be available soon.
LEGION yachts
We have completed a yacht line design project co-financed by EU funds. Two charter vessels with a hull length of 10.5 m and 12.45 m have been developed. The smaller yacht is adapted to inland navigation (sword version) and perhaps in 2022 we will see it on the Masurian lakes. 
A modern style was developed that is suitable for building the image of the new brand. Research in a virtual 3D environment included moving inside a person in a wheelchair. A version dedicated to the extended availability was created.
Modular houses-Polkon
Mozart (2020/2021 edition) at Polkon has already been completed. Two concepts of modular houses, auxiliary and promotional materials were developed. The functionalities of the rooms and the utility plan were developed in virtual 3D software. Furnishings 100% IKEA. 
In addition to visualization, room projections and graphic materials, 360-degree spherical panoramas and a database in the form of a project website were also created. An external link to it is provided below. The cut material is also in the portfolio. We encourage you to read the results of the project.

Modular homes
Thanks to the support of the Wrocław Academic Center, together with POLKON S.A. we can develop scientific cooperation and develop modular house designs. As part of the Mozart program (2020/2021 edition), we develop completely new concepts for houses of various sizes. From outline ideas to detailed research and visualization from outside and inside. We focus on the functionality of the rooms and the utility plan for each house. We are already halfway through the works. Soon presentation of the entire database for 51m2 and 84m2 houses.

As part of the project, in addition to conceptual preliminary studies and detailed development of two sizes of houses, we will implement design activities supporting the competitiveness of Polkon. It will be a new company logo, developing catalogs for customers and building a database compatible with website standards.
Voucher for innovation
We are currently working on the preparation of the concept, research and preparation of implementation documentation for three sailing yachts with extended availability. We design yacht lines intended for charter and a yacht with racing characteristics with the possibility of modifying the cockpit. We introduce interesting functional innovations in them, useful both while sailing and in everyday life on board the yacht. The works are carried out under the "Voucher for Innovations" of PARP in the scientific unit - Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław.
River pusher
Together with Navishipproject, we are implementing a river pusher project for shallow waters. The design project we present will help in the detailed technical development of this interesting vessel. The implementation and effects of our work will be possible in a few years.

Inland pusher for work in a set with a barge or a pontoon with a capacity of 100 to 400 tons, on which various loads can be transported, including large-size ones with a pusher draft of 0.6 m. The pusher's task will be to ensure transport on the route from Brzeg Dolny to Szczecin with minimal water levels in the Odra River. The navigation equipment will enable round-the-clock navigation. The pusher will be made as a three-screw, flat-bottomed vessel with a superstructure and a raised wheelhouse in the bow area. Three propulsion systems with three propellers working in the nozzles and three coupled rudders will ensure great maneuverability. The wheelhouse will be raised and lowered by a hydraulically driven mechanism. The living and sanitary rooms for the crew (three people) will be located in the superstructure directly behind the wheelhouse with access from the deck to the LB and RB. The maximum height of the fixed structure will be 4.4 m above the base plane. All items protruding above this height will be folded. The hull will be made of high-strength steel, while the deckhouse and wheelhouse will be made of aluminum alloys.